The artist

Hi I’m Lesley 

I've been a maker since I was a young child and have always felt a deep connection to the natural world. Over the years curiosity has guided me through many art mediums but I’ve always had a big crush on the needle arts, most especially embroidery. That has lead me to creating Tweet & Co.

I paint with stitches now. With needle and thread nature's flora and fauna continue to be explored and celebrated. My hope is that through my art I can express & share the magic of it all.  

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*A note about Driftings

Driftlings (also known as Wood Drifters, Coastal Creatures and Tide Travellers) are cheeky little beach-beasties that live amongst the driftwood washed up here on the lakeshores of Great Slave Lake, NWT. 
They're slightly shy at first, but once you properly introduce yourself they become very friendly and can often be quite chatty. 
Driftlings are found all over the world along lakeshores, riverbanks, and ocean beaches, wherever there is driftwood in abundance.
Their features can vary greatly. Like a snowflake not any two are ever the same. Physical characteristics can include (or not) beaks, wings, snouts, arms, horns, spikes, antennae, etc. They're mostly quiet small, fitting on the palm of a human hand and can have different textures, colours and patterning. 
A Driftling who befriends a human will often ask for lodging as the ones featured in my shop. But I can't take them all in so they've requested to be sent out on adventures throughout the continent. Driftlings are sure to cheer up your space and always be a reminder of the beauty of nature.